Whoever embarks on a journey with JOHNNY TORPEDO should be seaworthy! Heavy winds, shipwrecks, overseas blues and seedy harbour taverns are just as much part of his daily business as cheap rum, a high swell and the ship's kobold.

Accompanied by MR "SKIP" JACK TUNA and STIGGY HOO-LA, JOHNNY returns to port after a long absence out on the high seas. We are curious about the stories he will pull out of his duffel bag!

When questioned how to swim safely with sharks, he replies: "Watch out! With a burial at sea, you're on the safe side!"

Whatever this guy is trying to tell us ...                                                   

One thing is certain: flavour your rum with some gunpowder, set the whole thing on fire, and you're right on course! Welcome aboard with JOHNNY TORPEDO - THE ROCKIN' SHANTY SHOW!